Hey. Can you hear me? Is this thing working? *tap* *tap*

Oh, this is really cool, isn't it? You cannot see me, but that's ok. Not important. I have a message for you, THAT'S important, please listen!

There will be a really big event. But I am not certain about where in the timeline exactly you are, so I put this little timere here for you. Wherever and whenever you are, just take a look here und you know exactly how long it still takes.

Well, let's assume, just for a moment, that time is not a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wime stuff. Imagine, just for this once, time would be just linear and boring. That boring type of time you experience every boring day. Well, then the time you have to wait for the 100th anniversary of doctor who must be about...


But hey, don't be a grumpy dalek. At least, I promise you, it will be fantastic. Alons-y, we'll meet then. Geronimo!